We’re pretty much in sync with your thoughts

That’s why we’ve already made our reservations for the celebration trip (18 days of travel and fun) and why I said tentative on all other plans. Dh fluctuates on what he wants to do daily. After being unemployed for 18 months he has some pretty big security issues, but he’s also having thoughts about where he wants to be other than work.

We’re going to do another staycation in the next few weeks—just waiting for the fall foliage to appear, and he’s really looking forward to that. It may be a one day “getaway” or we may hook up the fiver and go camping for a few days to spend some time away from home.

Currently our plan is to about every 4-6 weeks take a couple of vacation days and travel for 5 days to a week once step #2 is completed. We are budgeting for not only the big trip, but for an annual pass for the two of us for Silver Dollar City. Then hopefully between the SDC and WDW annual passes and air fare specials we can visit both parks during the year while still working on the other sinking funds.

What ds wants to do will affect our decision making on other aspects for certain. Right now I think he is about ready to pay us to leave NOW! He was really happy to hear we had another staycation planned. LOL!