Wow, so much to think about

I think your planning is great, but I think a step back might be in order. Take it one step at a time. Focus on the task at hand and the next step will fall in line. Once the debt is paid off, I think it will become clear what your priorities are at that time. You will see the next step and logically take it.

Personally, I’d travel after the debt was paid off and before the mortgages were paid off. DR never said to stay home until you reached step 7. I might do only a 3 month FFEF since you are almost retired. Sinking funds for house items and RV repairs would be in order, but I don’t think 6 month FFEF would be necessary.

DS – hmmm, finding a nice woman is a hard one. Church, 30 something groups, Meetup groups with similar interests (my DH does a hiking one), online dating, bars, ha! The grocery store. Sorry not too much help there.