I wanted to clarify the whole situation

last night where Jerry picked up the computer to read Merchants of Deception. While he was waiting for me to pull it up for him, he was busy reading a busines book “Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People” by Rich DeVos- which he then put down to continue reading the ebook.Do you think it would be more beneficial or more destructive if I were to… hide his CDs and books? He has the entire stock of CDs in his car center console and always listens to them on his way to/from work. His books are on a shelf at home and some in his car trunk.We don’t have any money left right now for him to replace his stock (just as we’ve stopped having money to do DITTO, in the process of the crash and burn phase now) So if his books and CDs were to disappear…In your opinion is it more BENEFICIAL because I can finally get him away from the indoctrinating CDs (which he listens to on a daily basis) and his own finances won’t
allow him to afford any more…Or would it be more destructive- he may react badly in his anger that I took away his stuff? I’m trying to compare the effects and see if his anger may be worth it to finally see him separated from the influence of the CDs…his mind might regain a little more self-awareness at home and in his spare time he may be spending MORE time investigating the ebook and others than reading his own business literature? The possible bad effects, if I were to do that, would be temporary anger/resentment from Jerry- him reporting the news to his mentors and his mentors talking badly of me.Maybe there’s also a way I could sabotage his books and CDs without being so obvious- what do you think?Is there a way to ruin a CD (maybe with a certain chemical) that renders it unreadable by the CD-player- without showing any physical signs of damage? What happens if a CD has like a single long scratch across the radius- would that prevent the CD
from playing properly, will that make it skip? I’m just trying to figure out how to gently remove Jerry from his indoctrination materials without him necessarily blaming me. He tosses his CDs around his car without their covers so a couple of them inadvertantly get damaged and replaced. I’d like a way to take out his new CDs that just came in the mail. Usually if Jerry can’t figure out why a CD isn’t working he doesn’t make a fuss, he turns on the FM radio. So I figured I could gradually get him to limit his CD time.What do you think?